The cobbler + her shoeless kid

Or something like that.

So, Isla never gets photos on the big camera. The iPhone is just too handy, the hours just melt into not enough days! I could hail a whambulance about the fact or ... I could just do something about it when I can ;) 

Isla James, somewhere in her 4th year. Obsessed with:

  • drawing
  • colouring
  • colouring her drawings
  • crumpling up her drawings before gifting them
  • skipping everywhere, rope or not
  • baseball + soccer + yoga
  • bit of a dawdler … chalking it up to all that drawing + skipping


A first for everything.

So. The thing about these images ...  

The thing is, there's lots about these images. But here's just ten things, and they probably won't even make sense so apologies in advance for just tossin' my heart on my sleeve.

  1. They're created by one of my absolute favourite artists + eyes of many years, Diana of Yan Photography
  2. I also count her a friend and I'm such an emotive person that the fact that these photos were captured by someone who knows us, albeit social media, is like Mario n' Luigi jumping even higher to get those extra ring things or whathaveyou. 
  3. I got to finally meet Valerie of Colibri Photo and that was bonus bliss :) :)  
  4. They were taken when I was 30 and Isla was 3. I'm still 30 but Isla's now 4. Life goes *so fast*  
  5. They make my heart panic I never invested before. This is our first start to finish proper shoot. "Best time to plant a tree was 100 years ago, next best time is today. " 
  6. That saying was one of my grandfather's favourites. I miss him.  
  7. Yan sent these to me on what would have been his birthday. Her timing was a gift all on it's own. She'll never truly know the bliss it brought me as I ran through my entire month's worth of travel data while on the train back down to New York. Worth it. 
  8. Even if these images weren't forever going to be symbolic of the intensely changing/growing/inspiring year Isla and I have had, the fact I'm 30, the fact she was still three n' wee, the fact I still grieve her diagnosis, the fact I just plain enjoy her company, the fact we were in Montreal to experiment what it would be like to have Isla with me while working on the go, the fact I booked this with Yan months and months in advance as soon as I saw we'd be in the same town at the same time (she's from Utah) — talk about built up excitement!, the fact I'm trying new things and experiences and outlooks ... Even if. They're still the bee knee's even if they just represented that it was a Saturday, that it was gorgeous (if not INCREDIBLY RECORD BREAKING HOT) outside, the sun was on our face and we were together. That is symbolic enough :) 
  9. The juice is worth the squeeze.  
  10. Believe in all things kind n' kindred.